Dejected and discouraged, a little girl stood leaning against the building wall. The busy street in front of her bustled with people moving to and fro, all of them too occupied with their intended destinations or their cell phones, to notice the little girl. The noise of cars driving by and hooting at each other, drowned out the quiet sobs of the little girl lost.

Earlier in the day she had seen a man carry a handful of beautiful balloons past her home. The balloons had seemed so colourful and carefree as they floated above the man’s head as he walked quickly by. The little girl, distracted from what she was doing in her home had suddenly felt the compulsion to follow the man, and before she could think about it, she ran out of the gate after him. Now the man had disappeared into the crowds of people because her little legs could not keep up with his fast pace. Having had her focus on the man, rather than where she was going, the little girl did not know how to get home. She knew her address, but how to get there from here was a mystery. Tears ran down her cheeks and splashed onto the pavement where she stood.

Suddenly she felt a gentle touch on her shoulder. She looked up into the face of an old lady. Although wrinkled and bent over, the old lady’s countenance spoke of wisdom and compassion. “Are you lost my dear?” she said kindly to the little girl. The little girl nodded her head. “Do you know your address?” the old lady asked. The little girl told her, her address. “Oh!” said the little old lady, “that’s near where I live. But you are a long way from home! Take my hand and I will lead you home.” The little girl hesitated. This was a stranger, offering to lead her. “Can I trust her?” she thought to herself. But then, what other option did she have? With trepidation she took the gracious old lady’s hand and they began to walk together.

As they walked the little girl told the old lady how she had lost her way. “What moved you to follow the man?” the little old lady asked. “It was the colourful balloons and the freedom they seemed to have – even though they were anchored to the man by strings. They made me feel happy, but at the same time secure.” “Ah,” said the gracious little old lady. ‘Often those things that distract us, are the very things that lead us to our true home. We may feel we have lost our way at times, but rest assured, our pursuit of the passion in us, if anchored to the right Person, will always, through grace, get us home again.”

Painting has been that journey for me. Distractions, commitments, responsibilities – a dear husband, four beautiful children, teaching and life in general! But the passion to paint never left me, and when I felt lost, it was this one thing, God’s Grace, that always brought me ‘home’ – a place of peace, freedom and security! May your journey in life, dear reader, experience the same gracious leading!

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September 5, 2016

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